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Our Mission

Blactina engages our audience through a Black Latinx point of view across multiple platforms. Our mission to amplify Afrolatinx and Caribbean stories with an emphasis on women through media and entertainment. We produce content for film, digital and television as well as hosting events including Black healing retreats in the Dominican Republic. Join the Blactina Insiders Club where you get access to exclusive video and podcast content about Afrolatinx/Caribbean culture and community for $25 a month! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to stay updated!


Blactina Origin Story

In late 2016 I was at a family party in Riverside California. It was themed of course and I was wearing a torquique pleated dress. I looked around at my family having fun, laughing, the adults drinking their spiked sorrel, the children playing and stuffing their faces with cod fish cake…my family is Panamanian. I was living in Hollywood near the 101 and I would come to Riverside to see family and get a little break. But in that moment, I though, This is a TV show. This is a family comedy. I asked my Uncle Guillermo if he would watch a family comedy about Panamanians every week and he yelled “of course” and wen’t back to asking me why I didn’t have a boyfriend for the 3rd time that day. When I took the long drive home I questioned how I could tell a story about Black Latinos. Was there even an audience? I felt like we were the only ones. But I decided to write a short series titled Blactina, but this would focus on best friends in NY. Over the next year I got a production deal but the series never materialized so instead I focused on social media. I created content, produced events with other Afrolatina influencers and won the hearts and minds of many Afrolatinx and Caribbean people all over the world. I learned quickly that I wasn’t the only one that thought my culture was entertaining. Now I live in the Dominican Republic and my focus is producing Black Latinx content in English and Spanish. Since I’ve created an engaged audience I don’t feel the pressure to be all things to all people. I still have a long way to go, but I have created a great foundation.

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  Brooklyn, Nueva York, EE. UU.

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